Lestang 1573 is at the crossroads between a unique terroir and an authentic,
generous and vibrant way of life.

Lestang 1573 cultivates the sincerity in relationships and flavours, the simplicity
of a human adventure, the pleasure of sharing and the heritage of a place with
an extraordinary history.

At the heart of Sancerre’s golden triangle lies a unique terroir, where nature slowly awakens, soaking up the freshness and the sunshine. The surrounding hillsides are
the centuries-old guardians of an exceptional wine, blending fruit with fiery flavours.

During the day, the doors open to a haven of calm. In the depth of night the party becomes grandiose. Time is suspended, while the aromas of wine mingle with bursts of laughter
and entincing rhythms.

Sharing the gold of the vine, like the beating of our hearts,
is sharing the same vision of life.