Château de Lestang lies at the foot of the town of Sancerre, in the heart of the famous appellation’s vineyards. Within this unique ecosystem and 5-hectare green park,
the century-old vines of Lestang 1573 border a magnificent pond flowing peacefully down
to the Loire. Since 2013 and the arrival of Rémy Graillot, numerous plant specimens have been introduced in harmony with the existing biodiversity. Among the one hundred and thirty-six species of trees and shrubs listed, the estate boasts many fruit trees, including hazelnut, pear, fig, plum, cherry and quince.

The vineyard covers three hectares planted with Sauvignon AOC vines, which are tended entirely by hand using low-carbon agroecological methods.

a wine for connoisseurs

Lestang 1573 is a traditional wine for connoisseurs. It is produced in very limited quantities using the most demanding agroecological practices. Its prestige cuvée “L’Illustre Voyageur” is an even more confidential wine, made from a selection of the best juices and matured in old half-muid oak barrels.

The Château de Lestang estate distinguishes itself by its 100% flint terroir, giving rise to wines that are appreciated for the finesse and strength of their minerality. Flint has the advantage of capturing the heat accumulated during the day and releasing it at night, a phenomenon that intensifies the ripening of the grapes.

While minerality dominates the nose at first, the wine expresses all its complexity and elegance through notes of fresh citrus, such as yellow lemon and bergamot. Complemented by a touch of white-fleshed fruit, more specifically peach, it is a marvel of balance and precision.