Chapter IV



The Château de Lestang has always been a place of celebration and sharing. In the 19th century, Anne-Marguerite Rouillé de Marigny and her husband, Jean-Guillaume Hyde de Neuville, a former minister of Louis XVIII, hosted their Parisian friends at sumptuous receptions. Writer François-René de Chateaubriand was undoubtedly their most illustrious guest. Continuing this tradition, Lestang 1573 is a celebration of a lifestyle based on values of authenticity, independence, love of life, transmission and generosity.


Lestang 1573 celebrates authenticity through the quality of its wine, produced directly on the estate using traditional know-how. Authenticity is also reflected in the deep ties that are woven within this exceptional place: human relationships and relationships with life.


Lestang 1573 is a completely independent brand, which allows it to break away from established codes and offer a wine with an inimitable personality.

Love of life

Located in the heart of a unique ecosystem hosting multicentenary plant species, the Château de Lestang is a jewel of biodiversity. Conscious that preserving life and the terroir will benefit the ecosystem as a whole as well as the quality of the wines, Lestang 1573 has chosen to adopt the most environmentally friendly production techniques. The Château de Lestang is the first low-carbon vineyard labeled by ADEME (Agency for the Environment and Energy Management).


The Château de Lestang, with its century-old vines from an exceptional terroir, stands in the midst of this terroir. A castle with a rich history, witness to major historical events and residence of prestigious guests. It is the whole of this heritage that Lestang 1573 wants to transmit through the unique flavors of its wine.


Generosity is at the heart of Lestang 1573’s culture, and through it, the concept of sharing. Sharing sincere ties, epicurean pleasures, exceptional flavors, and simple joys.